Formulated to Protect Your Investment
HALOCOUTURE® Extension Care Products were developed and tested to protect the Keratin seal. Packed with Anti-Aging ingredients that help maintain shine, preserve color, and extend hair’s youthful condition.

Hair Extensions are no longer living and do not receive the natural oils from your scalp, which means the products in our shower are not safe or effective.

All of our products were specifically created and formulated for our 100% Remy Human Hair. It’s the only product line we recommend to safely care for your HALO®, Fall, and Ponytail.

A multitude of Anti-Aging Peptides and nutrients restores hair’s youthful condition.
Keratin seal protection preserves hair’s cuticleto extend the life of your extension.
Sulfate-free & Paraben-free formula leaves hair soft and full of shine without build-up.
StrandGuard Complex with UV Protection shields hair from environmental factors and prevents color fading.
HeatWave Technology in the Silk Spritz and Serum delivers heat into the cortex while protecting the cuticle for longer lasting style.
Certified Organic and No Animal Testing. Why would you trust your HALOCOUTURE® Extensions with anything else?



Rich and moisturizing, ultra-gentle cleansing shampoo removes dirt and residue while reviving hair and shine. Designed and formulated to extend the life of hair extensions, this moisture-packed shampoo protects and preserves color, restoring hair’s youthful condition. This gentle cleanser is Sulfate-free, Paraben-free, and Sodium Chloride-free. It’s packed with Anti-Oxidants, UV Protectants and StrandGuard Complex that protects from harmful environmental factors. An invigorating, exotic blend of Tropical Coconut and Soft Peach gives hair a rich, sensuous, and light fragrance.



Power packed with Anti-Aging ingredients that restore the strength, resilience, and shine of youthful hair. Safflower Seed, Olive, and Avocado Oils saturate hair with moisture-rich lipids, leaving hair incredibly smooth and silky. Natural Plant Proteins and Peptides reinforce structure and improve strength while adding a protective barrier to seal the hair shaft. This concentrated deep-conditioner revitalizes and restructures hair to give a radiant, youthful appearance and silky soft touch.



Luxurious, deep-penetrating conditioner replenishes moisture while strengthening the hair shaft and sealing cuticles to lock in shine. Specially formulated to bring extensions back to life, this rich, emollient conditioner softens coarse, brittle hair that has been damaged from hot tools and color treatments. Replenish Conditioner protects and extends the life of hair extensions with StrandGuard Complex, Plant Proteins, Peptides, Shea Butter, and Organic Extracts. Hair is left feeling silky and smooth with long-lasting hints of Tropical Coconut, Soft Peach, Sheer Vanilla, and White Jasmine.



Smoothing Hair Polish Serum is an ultra-light blend of exotic Amazon Oils, Organic Extracts, and Black Cacao. This Sulfate-free, Vegan formula eliminates frizz, static and softens hair for a silky, shiny result. HeatWave Technology activates the ingredients, allowing the Serum to set more deeply into the hair shaft, creating a glass like shine. This non-greasy formula is light in fragrance with luscious notes of Water Hyacinth, Amazon Lemon, and Açaí Berry.

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