The Balayage 

Introducing Our Gorgeous Balayage Blends!

The most popular hair color trend in salons today is now available from HALOCOUTURE® with our New Balayage Collection. Easily create beautiful, seamless balayage blends for your clients without coloring or altering the HALOCOUTURE® Extensions. 

We have created Balayage blends with our 7 best selling colors. They are available in all lengths of The Original HALO®, The Layered HALO®, and Tape-In Extensions.

Maximize length, add volume, and enhance color!
HALOCOUTURE® has the perfect Extensions for everyone.                                                                                                                   


14 inch - 35 cm 5490kr
18 inch - 45 cm 5990kr
22 inch - 55 cm 6990kr

BALAYAGE - Original Halo 

12 inch - 30 cm 4200kr
16 inch - 40 cm 4700kr
20 inch - 50 cm 5800kr
24 inch - 60 cm 6600kr


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